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We're all a little mad, aren't we? We are MAD about therapy. The mission of The M.A.D. Therapy is to create a safe place to explore difficult topics, lead authentic lives and make changes to get there by providing culturally competent, quality and ethical mental health services. 

The M.A.D. Therapy was founded in 2018 by a therapist wanting to Make A Difference by advocating for more mental health awareness and providing mental health services in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas. 

The purpose of The M.A.D. Therapy is to continue sharing this and other therapists' passion and knowledge with people everywhere through therapy and blogging. If you're wanting to make a difference in your life then check out the M.A.D. therapist & TMT Collective to learn more and schedule an appointment today. Together we will explore the difficult topics that make us unique, complicated and lovable beings. 

So come, grow, learn and explore; perhaps The M.A.D. Therapy will ignite your own passions and make you a little mad as well.

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“Have I gone mad?
I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret, all of the best people are.” 

Lewis Carroll,  Alice in Wonderland

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