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Online Counseling

At The M.A.D. Therapy, PLLC we understand that counseling is not always easily accessible. Thankfully, there are new advances in technology that make therapy more accessible through the use of online counseling, sometimes referred to as telehealth. Online counseling is run similarly to in-person counseling, except it is done through a secure video conference in a location of your choice! This provides the opportunity for people to receive counseling who may not have otherwise. 

Why Choose Online Counseling?

More and more research is coming out about the effectiveness and successful use of online counseling for many people in reaching their therapeutic goals. This form of counseling is also growing in popularity due to the ease of accessibility and convenience it offers for many. A few of the benefits of online counseling include, but are not limited to:

  • Less time spent on traveling to and from appointments, which also means less money spent on transportation costs.

  • Less stress about finding childcare or leaving home.

  • No more need to explain why you need to leave in the middle of the day, which means more privacy for you.

  • More options for people living in rural areas where they may know potential providers too well or not have access to a therapist who is able to assist them with their presenting concerns.

  • Preference for attending counseling online versus in person.

What Do I Need for Online Counseling?

You will need access to internet through the use of a computer or smart device. A laptop, smart phone or tablet would all be acceptable devices and would be up to the user to determine which they'd like to use. 

Is Online Counseling Secure?

Yes! At The M.A.D. Therapy, PLLC you're confidentiality and security is of the upmost importance. This is why only HIPAA compliant software is used for both online and in-person counseling. With this being said, it remains up to the client to determine where they will be physically located when engaging in online counseling. The client also takes on all responsibility for the privacy and security of their physical location and their choice of technology utilized.

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Does Insurance Cover Online Counseling?

More insurance companies are beginning to offer coverage for telehealth services. However, there are still some companies and insurance polices that do not. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to determine your in and out-of-network benefits and understand your coverage. See Insurance vs. Private Pay for more information.

Do I Qualify for Online Counseling?

In order to qualify for online counseling with The M.A.D. Therapy, PLLC one must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.

  • Be located in Iowa, Illinois, or Florida at the time of services.

  • Have access to a computer or smart device.

  • If not private pay, then must have coverage for telehealth through your insurance provider.

  • Completed the free 15 minute phone consultation to ensure appropriate fit for online counseling.

How Do I Get Started?

Explore the site to see if The M.A.D. Therapy, PLLC is a good fit for you and your needs. Finding a good therapeutic fit is extremely important in ensuring your success. Then click here to set up your free 15 minute phone consultation to determine if online therapy is a good fit for you. We look forward to talking with you soon!

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