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Are you M.A.D.?

Yes, you are M.A.D. in the best possible way!

We believe that everyone is put on this earth to leave it better than they found it.  For some,  this is done on a large scale by creating art,  doing humanitarian work,  fueling the minds of children,  or advocating for a greener world.  For others,  this is done on a more personal scale by changing the way one views the world and interacts with the people in it.  At The M.A.D. Therapy,  it's through providing therapy to our amazingly brave and beautiful clients and sharing knowledge with others to promote healthy and happy lives.  Everyone's call is different,  but we are all M(aking) A D(ifference) in our own way.

Somewhere along the way though, we were told that being mad is bad.  Mad is an emotion we aren't supposed to feel.  Mad is too eccentric, wild or crazy.  Making a difference is selfish.  But, we're here to tell you that M.A.D. is courageous,  brave, emotional, eccentric, and filled with self-love!  We are all mad in our own way, and if we're being honest, all the best people are. 

So welcome to our M.A.D. world,  our M.A.D. friends.  We challenge you to live authentically,  expand your minds,  create the life you've dreamed of,  fight for what you believe and challenge the status quo.  We believe that when you bring your whole,  authentic,  beautiful self to the table,  you thrive in this crazy world. This includes your personality,  humor,  and most importantly,  your heart.  All of these elements brought Alexandra Skinner Walsh, LMHC to start The M.A.D. Therapy.  However, it is all of you who continue to inspire us all.


So,  M.A.D.  friends,  browse the site,  learn about our passions,  and explore what excites you.  And don't forget to schedule an appointment today to begin exploring and making a difference in your own life.

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