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Individual, Couples, & Family Counseling

We all want growth, self-improvement and change, but, at The M.A.D. Therapy, we recognize how difficult it can be to start that process. Your interest in the counseling process is the first step towards having the relationships you desire and living the life that is waiting for you. Explore the website to see if The M.A.D. Therapy is a good fit for you and/or your family. Then when you're ready feel free to schedule an appointment to get started. 

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Online Counseling

In an ideal world therapy would be easily accessible and convenient for all! However, at The M.A.D. Therapy, we understand that this isn't always the case. Work, childcare, transportation, and location in rural areas can all make a difference in our ability to take part in therapy services. With online counseling, these barriers to treatment can be overcome to help you meet your therapeutic goals in an environment of your choice. If you think The M.A.D. Therapy is a good fit for you then schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation today to assist you in determining if online counseling is right for you.

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Play Therapy

Children communicate through play, whether this is with paint, puppets, books or another medium. Play therapy is different from regular play in that it helps kids learn about themselves, solve their problems, and understand the world around them. Through therapeutic play children can learn to problem solve, communicate and connect with others effectively, express their emotions appropriately, and make behavioral changes.

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Make an Appointment

We know that taking the first step to scheduling your appointment can be nerve-racking and requires a leap of courage. We have a few different ways to schedule your appointment so you can take that courageous leap forward into growth in a way that is best for you. Schedule online, over the phone or via email today. Your bravery won't go unnoticed. 

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Insurance, Private Pay & FAQ

Navigating the world of insurance isn't always as straightforward or easy to manage as we'd like. For others of us, we highly value our privacy and, thus, prefer to opt out of utilizing insurance. Part of our mission at The M.A.D. Therapy is to provide a space where those with insurance as well as those who wish to utilize private pay can access quality, ethical and culturally competent mental health services.

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