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5 Years M.A.D.!

Happy 5 year anniversary to The M.A.D. Therapy!

Woman with cake, champagne, party streamers, "5" balloon, celebrating 5 years of business.
Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

To our clients -

Reflecting on the last five years can’t be done without recognizing the tremendous privilege it is to hold space for such resilient, brave, and badass clients. Each of the therapists with The M.A.D. Therapy recognize the privilege it is to witness our client’s struggles and celebrate their biggest wins. Thank you for allowing us to walk alongside you and for trusting us along the way.

To The M.A.D. Therapy Team -

Thank you for being part of this journey. The work you do is critical and being able to support, empower, & encourage you is an honor. Witnessing your growth as professionals & the difference you make is extraordinary. You're the purpose for the continued growth of The M.A.D. Therapy. Being able to learn, evolve, grow, and work alongside you is a beautiful gift.

Cheers to many more years M.A.D.!


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