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Combating Anxiety One Trick at a Time

Anxiety is a sneaky beast that can steal away the moment and all positive emotions associated with it. Anxiety can feel suffocating and uncontrollable, but you have more power than you think. Combat anxiety by using

some of these tricks below.

A woman holding a hand up and worrying about the future

Use Mantras

Remind yourself of that you are safe, lovable, powerful, ____ (you fill in the blank). Let yourself remember that this is anxiety speaking and it has a funny way of tricking you into believing all kinds of things. When all else fails, remind yourself that every emotion passes, and anxiety is no exception.

Name Your Anxiety

"Well, hello there, Walter! I see you have come to warn me. The thing is, Walter, that I am all good. Thank you anyway and see you next time." Anxiety is there to protect us, but it can pop up on us when we don't need any protection. Give your anxiety a name and a persona