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Late Cancel and No Show Policy: What is it & Why is it Important?

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Learn more about our late cancel and no show policy.

Clients’ complete various forms with starting therapy services with a therapist at The M.A.D. Therapy. These forms gather your consent, outline policies, identify responsibilities related to your personal health information, and much more. One of our policies here at The M.A.D. Therapy is about what happens when a client is late, cancels late, or simply doesn’t show up to an appointment. Our late cancel and no show policy includes:

  1. If a client is 15+ minutes late to an appointment, it may be rescheduled. This would be considered a late cancel or a no show depending on if contact was made with therapist prior to the start of the appointment.

  2. Late cancel : Appointments where contact was made with your therapist to cancel/reschedule, but not with 24+ hour notice. Our fee for a late cancel is $60.

  3. No Show : Appointments where no contact was made prior to the appointment to cancel or reschedule. Our fee for a no show is the full session fee.

These policies are necessary because a time commitment is made to the client and is held exclusively for that specific client. There is significantly high demand for mental health services and a shortage of therapists nationwide. The therapists with The M.A.D. Therapy are passionate about Making A Difference and helping meet the demands of the community. So, when there is a late cancel or no show this means that a spot could have been given to someone else in need of services.

We encourage clients to take the lead in the therapeutic journey and this includes contacting your therapist with advance notice to cancel and reschedule your appointment. This ensures that therapists can continue to meet the needs of all their clients and clients avoid a fee. A win-win for everyone! Most therapists with The M.A.D. Therapy allow texting, calling, or emailing to cancel/reschedule. However, if you are uncertain about the best way to reschedule an appointment, just ask! Your therapist is always happy to help ensure you know exactly what to do when you need to reschedule.

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